Written on 28 november 2017 in Thailand

Our Bangkok visit was one of 2 parts. Part 1 were the last days we spent together with our friends from Belgium. Part 2 was our stay at the house of Belgian friends who live and work in Bangkok.   Part 1 We rented a...

Ko Yao Noi

Written on 26 november 2017 in Thailand

Ko Yao Noi was an island of which in all honesty I had never heard off before. It was recommended by a friend and after a search on our new best buddy we decided to give it a try. Ko Yao Noi or “small lo...


Written on 17 november 2017 in Thailand

Spending almost 3 weeks away from the sea it was time for some beach life again, so we flew from Chiang Mai to Phuket. It was especially exiting since we were meeting friends who flew over from Belgium and were joining u...

Chiang Mai

Written on 10 november 2017 in Thailand

The trip from Kanchanaburi to Chiang Mai is around 700km, so we made a stop in Sukhothai for 1 night. We wanted to visit the historical park before continuing our trip, but unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs. Thi...


Written on 8 november 2017 in Thailand

The first destination of our trip in Thailand was Kanchanaburi. A city well know for the famous River Kwai. We decided to drive from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in about 9 days. After collecting our rental car and spending the...

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Hi there! We are the DP family. We love to travel and decided to go on a long trip together with our 3 kids. We like exploring different cultures and food. We hope to learn some valuable lessons and become closer as a family. You can follow our adventures on this blog or on our social media by clicking on the icons above.

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